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Glendora Woods

This coming Monday we will be starting the removal and replacement of damaged wood for the homeowners who have contracted with us to do so. We will be working in numerical order from the low 900’s to the high 900’s. If you had your wood replaced by a different contractor please make sure that they prime it.

We will be posting high pressure cleaning notices Monday October 13th and then will start the high pressure cleaning on Monday October 20th. We are planning on working on two buildings at a time. So high pressure clean, then prep and paint. Then will start the next two buildings- high pressure clean, then prep and paint. And so on.

If you have any questions our onsite foreman wears a red shirt, or feel free to contact our office at 909-980-4059.

For questions, concerns or comments, please email us here

or call us at 909-980-4059.