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UHCCCA- update

Notices have been posted for the painting of the front door/edge painting for this coming Saturday June 14. Color schemes 1,2 & 3 had their front doors done last Saturday. This coming Saturday is for color schemes 4 &5 (but we can finish any doors in the other schemes if they were not able to be completed last Saturday).

If you would like to schedule for a specific time please call our office at 909-980-4059. Our crews work from 7am-3:30pm. If you also have any touch up concerns please let us know or point them out to the painters so that they can be addressed immediately.

We are currently working on finishing up the trim painting throughout this phase.

For the homeowners who have contract with us directly to have their patio covers or backyard wrought iron painted- you will receive a start notice for those items.

For questions, concerns or comments, please email us here

or call us at 909-980-4059.