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Hampton Gardens- general notice

Notice to Homeowner: Starting Monday June 23, 2014.

Waddell Painting Inc. has been contracted to paint the exterior of the homes throughout your association.

We will be starting at Building A: Units 1-12, then building B: units 13-24, then building C: Units 25-46. The building will be high pressure cleaned, wood repairs will be made and then the building will be prepped and painted. Once Building A has been completed we will move on to Building B, then to Building C.

We will be painting all wood-siding, shutters, fascia, entry doors/jambs, garage doors/frames, eaves/overhangs, Stucco- building walls, window popouts/trim, fascia, trash enclosures, Metal- balcony wrought iron, front entrance wrought iron, front doors, garage doors, mail box stands and vents in stucco, chimney caps. (Excluding stair wrought iron).

You will receive a notice prior to the starting of the high pressure cleaning. Please start preparing now: any plants growing on areas to be painted (including walls) will need to be cut back at least 6″.

For questions, concerns or comments, please email us here

or call us at 909-980-4059.