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Marywood- pressure cleaning notice

The following notice will be posted 8/6/13:

Notice to Homeowner


Starting on: Monday August 12, 2013


Waddell Painting will begin a light pressure washing of the
exteriors of the units throughout your complex. This pressure wash is necessary
before touch up painting can get started on your unit. Please note: windows may
be spotted after.

Please make sure all windows are closed; valuables and breakables
should be placed out of the way, to insure there are no difficulties with the
procedure. All personal items must be removed from all areas that will be
painted. This means that if you have plants, hanging plants, flower boxes/
pots, flags, patio furniture and wind chimes on your patio or balcony, they
will need to be removed. Any plants growing on areas to be painted will need to
be cut back. In short, remove any items in areas to be painted to avoid any
possible damage to them and to allow enough room for the water blasting
equipment and hoses to get through.


We appreciate
your cooperation and patience during this project.

For questions, concerns or comments, please email us here

or call us at 909-980-4059.