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Cedar Creek San Dimas- update


Notice to Homeowners

** Weather Permitting**

On: Saturday August 3, 2013

We will be painting you’re the remaining edge around your front door, between 7am-

Please make arrangements to
be home as your door will need to remain open for at least two hours to allow
for proper drying



Also, please note that the painting project in your complex
is close to completion. Please take a few minutes to look around your unit.
Please note any touch ups or concerns that you may have. If you have anything
that you would like to bring to our attention please return this letter via fax
it to 909-987-6660 or email




We have appreciated your
cooperation throughout the project.

Thank you,


Waddell Painting


For questions, concerns or comments, please email us here

or call us at 909-980-4059.