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Upland Hills Estates- Update

Prep-work update: All of the North Side of Upland Hills Dr. South has been prepped (1167/1169/1175/1177/1181/1185/1189/1193/1197/1201/1205/1209/1211/1215/1219/1223). On the South Side of Upland Hills Dr. South we have prepped 1222/1218/1216/1212/1208 and are currently prepping 1204.


Prime Work: We have primed the eaves on the following units along the North side of Upland Hills Dr. South: 1167/1169/1175/1177/1181/1185/1189/1193/1197/1201/1205 and we are currently priming the eaves at 1209 UHDS.


Painting of Stucco: We have painted the stucco on the first building in color scheme #2: 1167/1169 and we are currently working on painting the stucco on the second building in color scheme #2: 1218/1222. The Next building to have the stucco painted will be 1599 Cypress. **Correction- we will not be painting any of the homes on Cypress until all of the homes on Upland Hills Dr. S. are painted. (5/28/13 -per Carlos)

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